The capital cost to implement adaptive signal control at 45 intersections was estimated at $3 million.

Experience implementing adaptive signal control across multiple townships.

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United States

Summary Information

The information in this source report was derived from interviews with transportation professionals and agencies responsible for planning and operations in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. In District 8 a plan was developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to implement adaptive signal control upgrades at 45 intersections. The overall goal was to improve traffic conditions on the US-30 corridor and a commercial area off I-81 at Exit 17 along Norland Avenue and Walker Road. InSync was selected as a traffic management system to automatically adjust signal timing and optimize traffic flow between intersections. Traffic control boxes at equipped intersections were connected using copper wire and fiber optic cable.

  • Start-up costs including initial coordination at 45 intersections was estimated to cost about $3 million. This number includes $55,000 per intersection based on PennDOT's experience with recent smart traffic projects and an additional $500,000 required to establish communication links between intersections.
  • Subsequent O&M costs were estimated at $750 per year per signalized intersection.
System Cost

Adaptive signal control: $55K per intersection. O&M costs: $750 per year per intersection Communication links (45 intersections): $500K.