Using data from Kentucky and Connecticut, the initial deployment of full CVISN electronic screening at a static scale site is $522,252. The cost of upgrading each additional site to full CVISN electronic screening is $303,540.

From the CVISN MDI Evaluation Report: Chapter 6 CVISN Cost Analysis - Electronic Screening

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United States

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Electronic screening can be performed at fixed sites (e.g., weigh stations) and mobile sites to confirm that transponder-equipped vehicles are safe, not over-weight, have appropriate credentials, or have not been placed out-of-service. Electronic screening systems enable enforcement personnel to identify high risk carriers, and approve compliant vehicles without requiring them to stop for manual inspection.

Electronic screening equipment at the roadside typically consists of automatic vehicle identification (AVI), weigh-in-motion (WIM) scales, signage, workstations, and roadside telecommunications. Kentucky estimated it would cost approximately $150,000 to deploy basic screening equipment (AVI, WIM, and electronic signs/loop detectors) at a single site, not including the cost of land, buildings, or fixed scales. Annual recurring costs associated with basic screening included $15,000 for equipment replacement, and $6,500 in operating costs (not including labor).

The majority of cost of electronic screening is borne by state agencies, and costs can vary greatly depending on the level of integration between roadside inspection facilities and the CVISN safety information exchange network. CVIEW (Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window) software, which supports CVISN using the SAFER data mailbox to exchange data between states, can account for a significant portion of initial start-up costs. The cost of full CVISN electronic screening (AVI, WIM, and vehicle safety data snapshot capability) is greatest during the initial deployment where software development is required to make the system compatible the unique characteristic of data collection in each state. The cost to equip additional sites will be substantially less since software development will not need to be repeated.

The following table provides the cost to add electronic screening to a fixed site currently equipped with static scales and the cost for each additional site. Basic screening equipment (AVI, WIM, and electronic signs/loop detectors) is $150,000 per site. Initial upgrade from basic to full CVISN (AVI, WIM, & snapshot capability) including software development is $372,252. Initial deployment of full CVISN electronic screening at a static scale site is $522,252. The cost of upgrading each additional site (fixed scale or basic screening) to full CVISN electronic screening is $303,540.


Cost Element
Cost for the First Site
Cost for Each Additional Site
AVI Reader
Scale, WIM, Mainline
Electronic Signs/Loop Detectors
Communication equipment
Consultant (software development)
Personal Computer (3 desktop)
Retrofit fixed weigh scale
Training, PC (3 persons)
Training, Info Technology (3 persons)

The annual O&M cost per CVISN electronic screening site is $217,646. The table bellows provides a breakdown of the O&M cost.



Cost Element O&M Cost
Static scale equipment replacement, operating cost (phone, utilities, etc.) and labor (3 FTEs @ $41K per year)
Roadside equipment replacement and maintenance
Hardware replacement and maintenance

States attempting to adapt or extrapolate costs information from this study should first account for any significant differences between their operating procedures, equipment, and data collection systems, and those used by states participating in this study.



System Cost

CVISN electronic screening at initial site: $522,525. CVISN electronic screening at each additional site: $303,540. Annual O&M cost per CVISN electronic screening site: $217,646.