The capital cost of the TRANSMIT traffic surveillance and incident detection system was estimated at $975,200.
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The TRANSCOM's System for Managing Incidents and Traffic (TRANSMIT) system operating in New Jersey and New York beginning in January 1996 utilizes electronic toll collection and traffic management equipment compatible with the E-ZPass System for traffic surveillance and incident detection. The system consists of a central computer and communications system and approximately 22 roadside detection stations.

The actual cost of a TRANSMIT based system depends on the number of reader or detection stations deployed within the system. The total capital costs listed below are estimated for a six-lane freeway. The capital cost estimate of $975,200 includes the costs of hardware & installation for approximately 22 detection stations, and a central computer and communications system. The annual operations and maintenance (O&M) costs of the TRANSMIT system includes the costs for an on-site warranty support, other maintenance personnel, software and communications support, and monthly phone and power costs. The total annual O&M costs are estimated at $300,680. Costs are assumed to be based on the same year the system became operational.

Note that the costs for the RF tags (transponders) were not included in the analysis since they are considered to be part of the electronic toll collection system, E-ZPassTM, currently operational in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area. Roadside Terminal (RST) spacing for the TRANSMIT system varies between 0.5 to 2.1 miles.

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