Jensen, M., et al. (SAIC, Battelle, Mitretek, and Volpe)
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The Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (MMDI) Seattle Evaluation Report detailed the results of seven ITS projects undertaken through the deployment initiative.

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In the Seattle metropolitan area, demand for transportation facilities and services already exceed the supply. A growing economy, increasing population, and constrained construction of new roads are dramatically decreasing transportation system performance.

Consequently, in 1997 the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and others in the public and private sectors looked to emerging technologies to help improve the performance of the Seattle region's existing transportation system. Under the U.S. Department of Transportation's Model Deployment Initiative, WSDOT entered into a partnership with more than twenty public and private organizations to implement intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions. This partnership was named "SmartTrek", and it built upon existing institutional relationships and ITS infrastructure in the Seattle region. The goal was to apply new technologies, including sensors, communications, and information systems, to help the region better manage traffic, inform travelers of transportation options, and quickly respond to roadway incidents and changing conditions. Smart Trek integrated new and existing data sources; established a regional, multimodal transportation information network; and greatly expanded the distribution of traveler information.

The lesson is based on findings presented in the project’s 2000 evaluation report completed by Science Application International Corporation (SAIC) and on input from WSDOT project staff.

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Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT
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Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Evaluation Report
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