The cost of retiming 16 signals at the Mall of Millenia (Florida) was about $3,100 per intersection.
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Optimizing signal timing is considered a low-cost approach to reducing congestion. Based on data from six separate studies, the costs range from $2,500 to $3,100 per signal per update. While this range is reasonable, costs could be slightly more or less. A cost summary based on the City of Orlando’s Millenia Mall Signal Retiming Project is presented below; links to cost summaries from the other five studies as well as the synthesized costs summary are also provided.

Major changes in traffic patterns have occurred due to continued growth around the Mall at Millenia and the opening of the nearby Interstate-4 (I-4) interchange in Orlando, Florida. The City of Orlando contracted for the development of traffic signal timing plans to provide coordination and manage traffic throughout the area. The scope of work included traffic signal plans preparation, data collection, and field observation for fine-tuning of the timing plans.

The project encompassed the following six services:

    • 24-Hour Machine Counts
    • 8-Hour Vehicle and Pedestrian Turning Movement Counts
    • Field Intersection Inventory
    • Qualitative Assessment of Intersection/Arterial Operation
    • Signal Timing Analysis
    • Fine Tuning

Timing plans would be implemented by the City of Orlando with field adjustments made by the contractor. A total of 16 intersections were retimed at a cost of $49,338. This cost equates to approximately $3,100 per intersection. The table below presents a breakout of specific tasks and costs per task for this project. In addition, the percent of total cost for each task is shown. This project is quite typical of the breakdown of retiming costs per intersection.


Task Cost by Task Percent of Total Cost
Project Management
Weekday Turning Movement Counts
Saturday Turning Movement Counts
Field Intersection Inventory
Qualitative Assessment
Signal Timing Analysis
Fine Tuning
Final Deliverables

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Millenia Mall Signal Retiming Project

Millenia Mall Signal Retiming Project
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City of Orlando, Florida
City of Orlando, Florida

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System Cost

Cost of retiming signals: $3,100 per intersection.