In-vehicle computer visioning technology designed to detect and warn truck drivers of lane departure and driver drowsiness reduced fuel consumption by 15 percent, increased safety, and provided drivers with more comfortable working conditions.
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Electronic Devices in Transportation (Presentation)

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Chauffeur Systems detects and warns drivers of lane departure driver drowsiness through use of computer visioning technology. The system contains Vehicle to vehicle communication, the ability to track an infrared pattern, video sensors, and vehicle control systems.

  • Lane departure can be detected
  • Driver acceptance of the system is good

The test of the system used 20 professional truck drivers, 4 drivers per night. Eye closure, EOG, EMG, EEG was recorded for physiological data. Vehicle data recorded during the test was lateral position, yaw angle and time-to-line-crossing.

Benefits include: An approximate reduction in fuel consumption of 15 percent, improved traffic flow, increased safety and more comfortable working conditions for drivers.

Presentation given to U.S. DOT Deputy Secretary Downey.