The total capital cost of the Seattle MMDI emergency operations centers project including equipment and planning/development costs were $151,700; O&M costs were approximately 5% of the equipment costs.

From the Seattle MMDI Evaluation Report: Appendix A.11, Emergency Operations Centers

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The lack of integrated communication links between Seattle area emergency operations centers (EOCs) was discussed at a series of workshops and meetings during the Seattle MMDI project deployment. As a result of these discussions, radios that operate on the same frequencies were purchased under the Seattle Smart Trek project and initiated the first step toward effective, cooperative emergency communications in the region. The total capital cost for the project including equipment and planning/development costs were $151,700. A total of 16 radios were purchased. Four for the Northwest Region EOCs: King County, Snohomish County, Seattle, and Bellevue. Four for San Juan, Island, Whatcom, and Skagit Counties; however, repeater sites needed upgrading before radio installation. Eight radios were purchased for the Olympic region counties along with 3 repeater stations to handle the additional radio traffic. The Lifeline Route Plan ties all state, county, and local plans for clearing routes, to hospitals, for example, for the first 72 hours after a disaster. Maintenance costs for the communication system are approximately 5% of the radio and repeater equipment costs ($2,860). All costs are constant 1998 dollars.


Equipment Description Non-Recurring Costs Recurring Costs
800 MHz Two-way Radios (Quantity: 16)
Repeater station upgrades (Quantity: 3)
Misc. Equipment
Consulting Fees
Lifeline Route Plan Data Collection/GIS
IBI Emergency Management Scope Development
Communications System Maintenance (5% of Capital Cost)

Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Evaluation Report

Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Evaluation Report
Publication Sort Date
Jensen, M., et al. (SAIC, Battelle, Mitretek, and Volpe)
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT

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System Cost

Capital Cost: $151,700 (1998). O&M cost: $2,860 (1998).

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