Software development was the key cost driver for the bus arrival and departure information system deployed as part of the Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative.

From the Seattle MMDI Evaluation Report: Section 3.2.5 King County ""Transit Watch"" Evaluation

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Transit riders at Bellevue and Northgate Transit Centers in King County, Washington were provided with bus arrival/departure times, bay number, and expected actual departure times for all bus routes using each of the transfer centers. The Transit Watch system obtained actual departure times from an Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system, and then presented the information on video monitors at each center.

The cost of the system was approximately $723,000 and annual O&M was approximately $180,000. The most significant costs were the development and labor costs. Approximately 12% of the capital cost and 25% of the O&M cost were shared with other Seattle Smart Trek Model Deployment Initiative (MMDI) projects.

The following data was presented in the report.

Equipment Description
King County - Hardware (2 PCs, 5 monitors, modems, routers)
King County - Facilities Improvements
King County - Boeing Transit Watch
King County - Engineering & Management Support
King County - Software Development Support
King County - Design Consultant
King County - Other Labor
University of Washington - Total Equipment Purchases (Proposed Budget)
University of Washington - Total Supplies & Materials (Proposed Budget)
University of Washington - Development Labor
King County - Maintenance
Operations Labor (1 University of Washington FTE)
14% of ITS Backbone - Share of 3 Pentium Workstations & Associated Equip.
14% of ITS Backbone - Share of Labor (including indirect costs and benefits)
14% of ITS Backbone - Share of Other Direct Costs
14% of ITS Backbone - Share of Hardware & Supplies (replaced every 2 years)
14% of ITS Backbone - Share of Fiber Link & Other Contractual Services
14% of ITS Backbone - Share of Operations Labor (3 University of Wash. FTEs)

The cost estimate included 14% of the ITS Information backbone costs since the system was designed to interface or exchange information with the ITS Backbone.

Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Evaluation Report

Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Evaluation Report
Publication Sort Date
Jensen, M., et al. (SAIC, Battelle, Mitretek, and Volpe)
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT

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System Cost

Capital cost: $722,877 (1998). Annual O&M cost: $179,652 (1998).