Nineteen metropolitan North Seattle, Washington city signal systems were integrated at a cost of $1,755,000.

From the Seattle MMDI Evaluation Report: Section 3.3.1 ATMS Signal Integration Evaluation

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The North Seattle Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) was enhanced to allow the integration of 19 metropolitan North Seattle, Washington, city signal systems. The enhancement also included interconnection with the Traffic Control Centers (TCCs) of nine cities, three transit agencies, and Washington State DOT's arterial signal and freeway ramp metering systems as well as the East and South Seattle ATMSs. The ATMS also collected regional traffic data including traffic volumes, occupancy, speeds, surveillance video/snapshots, incident information, and signal system status. The cost of customizing software applications to make them compatible with the communications system network backbone was a major driver in the cost of the system. In addition, the costs of installing traffic detection devices, computer work stations, and communications hardware equipment were significant.

The following table presented in the report provides additional detail on the North Seattle ATMS Cost Estimate.

Equipment Description
Capital Costs
Detection Devices (budget figure)
$ 200,000
Network/Database Server
$ 56,883
MIST Server
$ 20,050
HTML Server
$ 18,472
Communications/Device Driver Server
$ 37,411
Spare Server
$ 30,168
Miscellaneous Equipment
$ 22,960
Operator Interface
$ 10,093
Communications Equipment
$ 8,926
NTCIP Computer & Equipment
$ 49,834
Commercial Software
$ 8,047
Annual Hardware O&M @ 10% of Capital Cost
$ 37,955
33% Share of Software Development
$ 653,462
33% Share of Pre-Design
$ 247,367
33% Share of Design
$ 289,689
33% Share of Management Reserve/Contingencies
$ 88,163
33% Share of City of Seattle Coordination
$ 13,333
33% Share of ATMS Local Agency Coordination (1 FTE)
$ 34,168
33% Share of ATMS System Administration (1 FTE)
$ 34,168
33% Share of ATMS System Operations (1 FTE)
$ 34,168
$ 1,754,858
$ 140,459

Where the "33% share" figures are shown, North Seattle ATMS costs were shared at 33.3 percent of the total ATMS system cost.

Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Evaluation Report

Seattle Metropolitan Model Deployment Evaluation Report
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Jensen, M., et al. (SAIC, Battelle, Mitretek, and Volpe)
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT

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