In San Antonio, Texas, a freeway management system led to an estimated delay savings of 700 vehicle-hours per major incident.
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San Antonio
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Before-and-After Analysis of the San Antonio TransGuide System

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The first phase of the San Antonio TransGuide System became operational on July 26, 1995 and included 26 miles of downtown freeway. This paper documents the impact of the system on crashes and incident response times during the first five months of operation and reports the findings of a survey investigation into driver response to the TransGuide system.


Review of video surveillance data collected throughout 1995 indicated an average reduction in response time of 20 percent. This result compared responses to incidents recorded in the months prior to implementation to those recorded once the TransGuide system became operational. This reduction in response time was input into the CORFLO freeway simulation model. The results showed an average delay savings of 700 vehicle-hours.

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