Start-up cost of the Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative travel information kiosks was $459,732; O&M cost was $153,519.

From the Phoenix MMDI Evaluation Report: Subsection 4.8 Travel Information Kiosks

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Summary Information

During the Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (Phoenix MMDI), the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) collected data from various traffic surveillance and freeway management systems and made it available to the general public. ADOT used an advanced Internet server (AZTech server) to process the data and forwarded it to other advanced traveler information services (ATIS) components in Phoenix. AZTech information was made available to Internet websites, cable TV operators, in-vehicle navigation devices, hand-held computers, personalized messaging (e-mail) services, and information kiosks. The cost information in the table below was detailed in the report with respect to kiosk deployment.

A private contractor used an Internet server to interface with the AZTech server and download traffic information and transit schedules to 28 kiosks located at commercial and public locations throughout Phoenix. The kiosk units were equipped with a touch-screen user interface, an audio system, and built-in printers. The kiosk software was similar to web browsers, and the traveler information provided was updated remotely using a dial-up Internet connection.

The total start-up cost for the system was approximately $459,732. The cost for hardware and enclosures (25 indoor and 3 outdoor kiosks) was approximately $233,350, and the cost for software, system development, and project management was approximately $109,100. Another $46,200 was required for shipping, installation, and start-up.

Annual operation and maintenance costs were approximately $153,519. This included the shared cost of the AZTech server.

Equipment Description (Kiosk System)
Unit Cost
Start-up Cost
O&M Cost
Kiosk Hardware, Indoor
Kiosk Hardware, Outdoor
Kiosk Enclosures, Indoor
Kiosk Enclosures, Outdoor
Kiosk Installation & Start-Up
Kiosk Shipping
Kiosk Software
System Development
Project Management
Content & User Interface Maintenance
Operations Monitoring
Site Maintenance
Spare Equipment Program
Communication Line Costs
AZTech Server Shared (4.2%)

Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative Evaluation Report

Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative Evaluation Report
Publication Sort Date
C. Zimmerman (Battelle), et. al.
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT
Other Reference Number
Report No. FHWA-OP-00-015

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System Cost

Project cost: $459,732 (1998). Annual O&M cost: $153,519 (1998).