The capital costs to implement TSP range from $5,000 per intersection (if existing software and controller equipment are used) to $20,000 to $30,000 per intersection (if software and control equipment are replaced).
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The Transit Signal Priority (TSP) - A Planning and Implementation Handbook, published by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), provides technical guidance for the successful planning and implementation of TSP projects. The handbook highlights four major TSP components:

  1. Vehicle detection systems provide vehicle location data to TSP systems when priority is requested.
  2. A priority request generator alerts the traffic control system when a vehicle has requested priority.
  3. Priority control strategies use traffic control system software to process requests, and decide whether and how to grant priority based on programmed priority control strategies.
  4. TSP system management software helps to manage the system, collect data, and generate reports.

TSP implementation costs are better defined for projects that thoroughly identify goals and requirements. Cost components include:

  • Equipment—Detection/Priority Request Generator (PRG); on-board or wayside
  • Equipment—Priority Request Server (PRS)/interface to controller (and controllers, if required)
  • Equipment—Communications
  • TSP software (and traffic control system software, if required)
  • Installation and construction
  • Traffic engineering analysis (traffic data collection, simulation, optimization, timing plans)
  • Evaluation studies (Before/After)
  • Development work (if required)

According to the Handbook, the need to upgrade or replace traffic signal software and controllers can be a key cost driver for TSP. Costs can be under $5,000 per intersection if existing software and controller equipment can be used. Costs can rise to $20,000 to $30,000 per intersection if software and control equipment need to be replaced.

The source Handbook, as part of its Appendices, has eight case studies, which can be valuable sources of insights into actual experience with TSP costs, including capital and maintenance costs.

Transit Signal Priority (TSP): A Planning and Implementation Handbook

Transit Signal Priority (TSP): A Planning and Implementation Handbook
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Harriet R. Smith, Brendon Hemily, Miomir Ivanovic
United States Department of Transportation

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TSP capital costs: $5,000 to 30,000 per intersection.

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