The City of Tyler, Texas deployed Adaptive Control System (ACS)-Lite on a 3.17-mile corridor at a cost of $546,900.
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In November 2007, the City of Tyler deployed the Adaptive Control System (ACS)-Lite technology along a 3.17-mile corridor. The deployment included the following costs: $150,600 for the software module, $38,400 for traffic communication system upgrades, and $357,900 for detection devices.

Citing the results of a study of the ACS installation, an article in the Tyler Paper (Sunday, December 09, 2007) reported the following improvements:

  • Weekday morning: At peak traffic hours in the morning, motorists experienced the largest drop in drive time, with the average trip time in both directions dropping from just more than nine minutes each way to less than six minutes. On average, motorists’ amount of stops dropped from 2.9 on the route to one stop per trip while traveling north, and from 3.1 to two per trip travelling south.
  • Midday: The average northbound trip time dropped from about 9.5 minutes to 8 minutes and 46 seconds, and the southbound trip was taking seven minutes, which was only nine seconds less than what it was before.
  • Weekday evening: At peak evening hours, the northbound trip time was down by about 40 seconds to just less than nine minutes and the southbound trip time down by about a minute to less than eight minutes a trip.

The article also cites the City Traffic Engineer saying, "I've been really impressed with the reduced number of stops people are experiencing (up to two less per trip depending on the time of day), and during the times of day where the number of stops don't go down, there is a smaller waiting time."

See also: Link to article in the Tyler Paper (last accessed 25 Feb 2008)

Correspondence with Mr. Kirk Houser, PE, Traffic Engineer, City of Tyler, Texas

Correspondence with Mr. Kirk Houser, PE, Traffic Engineer, City of Tyler, Texas
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