Monroe County, NY, deployed five CCTV cameras at high priority intersections at a cost of $279,338.
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Monroe County
New York
United States

Summary Information

The Monroe County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) opened a Regional Traffic Operations Center (ROTC) in 2002 to improve operations throughout the City of Rochester and along the county's arterial roadways. The ROTC lacked real-time visual traffic surveillance capability, a system function the MCDOT felt would enhance system operation and efficiency. To address this need, MCDOT undertook the ITS Camera Deployment and Systems Integration Project. During the first phase, five CCTV camera deployments were implemented at the highest priority intersections in the county. Installation began in September 2004, with construction and acceptance testing completed in February 2005. In 2006, MCDOT completed an evaluation of these initial five CCTV installations. The system cost to install and implement five CCTV cameras was $279,338. This yields an average cost of $55,860 per camera installation.

System Cost

Project Cost -five CCTV cameras: $279,338 Average cost per camera: $55,860