The Pennsylvania (PA) Turnpike Commission expanded its statewide advanced traveler information system (ATIS) to better inform motorists of traffic, weather, and emergency conditions along the PA Turnpike. The overall project cost was $8.2 million.
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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s ATIS (Phase III) project enhances the traveler information and dissemination capability on the mainline of I-76 and I-276, which extend approximately 360 miles between the Ohio state line to the west and New Jersey state line to the east, and the Northeast Extension (I-476) of the Turnpike, which extends 120 miles from the Mid-County Interchange in Montgomery County, PA to the Clarks Summit Interchange.

As stated in the source report, the purpose and key elements of the project included, "Expand the Commissions statewide Advanced Traveler Information System to better inform motorists about traffic, weather and emergency conditions along the PA Turnpike through the use of highway advisory radio (HAR), variable message signs (VMS), closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, roadway weather information systems (RWIS), truck rollover warning system (TRWS) and, traffic flow detection system (TFDS)."

More specifically, the Commission intended to fill in the gaps of VMS, CCTV cameras and HAR signs, add new RWIS, TFDS and TRWS, and implement and integrate a Central Software. The ITS devices deployed were 12 VMS, 8 CCTV, 21 HAR signs, 4 RWIS, 31 TFDS, and 1 TRWS, all of which were integrated via the implementation of a central software.

In 1998, the Commission estimated it would cost $8.2 million to complete the project. The project was split into several contracts, and the cost information for these contracts, as extracted from the source report, is shown below.

Total Contract Amount
Bid Amount
Total Invoiced To Date
Final Amount
Design Services
/ Construction Services
On-Going (2006)
West ITS Deployment
East ITS Deployment
System Engineering
for Software Deployment
Traffic Operations Center
Baseline Software Deployment
Web Page Development
On-Going (2006)

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Phase III Project

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Phase III Project
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Cortelazzi, Lou, et al.
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

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