Implementation costs for transit signal priority range from $8,000 to $35,000 per intersection.
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This report examines general issues associated with the deployment of transit signal priority (TSP) systems. Technical input derived from a number of transportation engineers and transit operators was used to generate a consensus of opinion in regard to the applicability of various TSP technologies, and the most common factors considered when these technologies are deployed. The cost of transit signal priority (TSP) systems varies based on many factors such as system design and functionality, and type of equipment. Overall, the cost of TSP per intersection is dependent on the ratio of buses and intersections, the level of control, and the technology deployed. Some areas may need TSP technology installed on many buses and few intersections, while other areas may need few buses and many intersections equipped. The cost of TSP can also be dependent on the level of control and complexity of the system.

TSP cost can be dependant on the degree of priority system integration with the signal network, age and generation of signal hardware, on-board vehicle technology, climate and geography, system ownership, and transit operating rules. Software upgrades can also have a significant impact on operating and maintenance expenses; however, relatively low cost operations can be implemented by allowing the traffic signal devices to grant priority solely on the basis of the internal operating algorithms of the controller, and not on the status of the transit vehicle.

More sophisticated systems integrate signal control with transit management operations and incorporate more advanced ITS on-board transit vehicles to increase system functionality. Enhancements include automatic vehicle location (AVL), on-time performance, dynamic routing, load status, connection protection (to coordinate transfers), vehicle system conditions, passenger safety and other features. Each feature, while not essential to TSP, adds additional operating and maintenance expense.

This study concludes that system level costs for transit priority can vary widely, but in general are in the range of $8,000 to $35,000 per intersection.

System Cost

Cost Range: $8,000 to $35,000 per intersection.