Performance management system utilizing analytics produces return on investment values ranging from 14 percent to 114 percent in four different case studies.
State-of-the-art information management software suite is fundamentally transforming the way that agencies do business, resulting in large payoffs.
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IterisPeMS: Proven Return on Investment

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The market for traffic analytics is growing tremendously as traffic management problems continue to present hardships for today’s travelers. Data on current and future traffic patterns resulting from analytics is assisting the public with making smart travel decisions. Investing in analytics can transform processes by automating the business process associated with turning data into information. With this automation, agencies can be more efficient and can be less dependent on outside consulting. There is also opportunity for dramatic increase in returns over time as agencies better understand their systems and engineer new ways to improve them.


To develop return on investment, agencies compared historical costing methods used to collect data (manual labor and equipment with limited automation) and compared the results to an automated system that collects data and uses software analytics to develop performance measures.


Return on Investment chart that summarizes four case studies that utilized this type of analytics software:




Type of System Usage The Client Problem Solution Benefit Return on Cost Savings ROI
Annual State of the System Report Metropolitan Transportation Commission (San Francisco) Costly routine report produced by consultant Pulled better and more substantial data automatically Lowered cost to produce report $600,000 (over 3 years) monies not paid to consultants/


Work Zone Lane Management Caltrans Costly manual preparation of approvable work zone lane closures Fully automated the data crunching task Quicker and cheaper task completion $400,000
(over 3 years)


Detector Fitness Program Caltrans Broken detector repairs were not timely Contractors paid based on verified repairs Detector health leaped in six months $800,000


Fixing an Operational Issue Attiki Odos Motorway (Greek Tollroad) A bottleneck's financial impact to motorists and agency More rapidly detected and diagnosed the problem Resolved bottleneck saving 6 months of labor costs $400,000
of drivers' time-value savings





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