In Long Island, New York, ramp metering and traveler information increased freeway speeds by 13 percent despite an 5 percent increase in vehicle-miles traveled during PM peak periods.
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Long Island
New York
United States

Evaluation of INFORM - Lessons Learned and Applications to Other Systems

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Studies comparing 1987 to 1990 flow rates of the Information For Motorist (INFORM) system in Long Island, New York, were used to determine the benefits of ramp metering in combination with motorist information. The results showed that freeway speeds increased 13 percent despite an increase of 5 percent in vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) for the PM peak. The number of detectors showing speeds of less than 30 mi/h decreased 50 percent for the AM peak. Average queue lengths at ramp meters ranged from 1.2 to 3.4 vehicles, representing 0.1 percent of vehicle-hours traveled.

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