In Nisqually Valley, Washington, an Ice Warning System consisting of a road weather information system (RWIS) station and closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera cost $165,000.

A system on Interstate 5 for providing weather and road information to the WSDOT’s Olympic Region Transportation Management Center and the public.

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Prior to this project, no weather or road condition information for this stretch of I-5 was available to WSDOT's Olympic Region TMC. This project was proposed to deploy an RWIS station, a CCTV camera, and a VMS on I-5 in the Nisqually Valley. These devices would be used to monitor weather, road, and traffic conditions and to provide information on icy roads or other potentially hazardous road conditions to WSDOT Maintenance workers and motorists.

  • The cost of an ice warning system consisting of a RWIS station and CCTV camera and installed on I-5 cost $165,500 (2003).
  • The VMS was installed under another project.
  • The annual cost to operate and maintain the system is approximately $1,200.

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects
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Peter M. Briglia, Jr.

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System Cost

Ice Warning System - $165,500 (2003) Annual O&M costs - $1,200 (2003)