ITS deployment set to improve safety, efficiency, air quality, and traveler information to cost $11,250,000 across Colorado.

The I-25 Truck Safety Improvements Project

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In 1998, the Congress designated the I-25 Truck Safety Improvements Project (I-25 TSIP) to support transportation improvements in the State of Colorado. This project was intended to improve transportation efficiency, promote safety, reduce emissions, improve traveler information, enhance alternate transportation modes, promote tourism and build on existing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Total funding for the I-25 Truck Safety Improvements Project is $11,250,000. Of the total, $9,000,000 are federal funds (80%) and $2,250,000 are matching state funds (20%). The project was divided into tasks to address the ITS needs of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in areas ranging from planning through detailed design and implementation. Project tasks and accompanying costs are listed in the following table.

I-25 Truck Safety Reimbursement, Region 1
Install AVI/WIM, I-25 Monument
Enhance Web for CVO data. Install POE Computers
Install AVI/WIM, I-25 Fort Collins
Install AVI/WIM, I-70 Limon
CTMC Operations
ATMS/ATIS – Communications
ATMS/ATIS – Web Integration
ATMS/ATIS – Denver Fiber Ring
ATMS/ATIS Integration – Miscellaneous
I-25 Interconnect, CTMC – Colorado Springs
I-25 HAR, Region 4
I-25 DMS, Colorado Springs
I-25 DMS, Region 4
I-25 ATR/WIM, Region 4
1-800 Road Weather Information Line
I-70 Hanging Lake Tunnel Integration
Denver Area Speed Map
I-25 Stadium Parking Management., Denver
Develop C2C interface with City of Lakewood
Message Paging Interface
CCTV for Regions 1 and 6
Colorado Springs Area Speed Map
Statewide Speed Map
Weather Systems Integration
Low-Speed Communications
Traveler Information Center (TIC)
Public Information & Incentive Leverage
Transit Data Integration / Kiosks
Start-Up Tasks

I-25 Truck Safety Improvements Project Local Evaluation Report

I-25 Truck Safety Improvements Project Local Evaluation Report
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Stephen Sabinash
Colorado Department of Transportation

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System Cost

I-25 Truck Safety Improvements Project - $11,250,000.

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