Christopher M. Monsere, Michael Wolfe, Heba Alawakiel, and Max Stephens
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The report entitled Developing Corridor-Level Truck Travel Time Estimates And Other Freight Performance Measures From Archived ITS Data, published by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), examined the feasibility of producing freight corridor performance measures and real-time travel time estimates using truck transponder data collected at weigh-in-motion (WIM) stations in Oregon. The literature review for the Oregon study focused on transponder programs and technologies, tag matching algorithms, and vehicle signature matching techniques. The field study included an analysis of approximately 42,000,000 archived truck records collected from 22 weigh stations in Oregon to determine if automatic vehicle identification (AVI) data could be used to produce freight corridor performance measures, generate corridor level travel times, and support real-time traveler information system applications.
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Oregon Department of Transportation
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Developing Corridor-Level Truck Travel Time Estimates and Other Freight Performance Measures From Archived ITS Data
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