The average cost for a collision warning system among four trucking companies is $2,500 per vehicle.
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Four fleets outfitted with a collision warning system (CWS), which uses radar technology, noticed reductions in front-in collisions and sideswipes during lane changes and right turns. The average cost for CWS with forward-looking and side sensor is about $2,500. Adaptive cruise control, costing $350-$400 per unit, can be added to further reduce rear-end collisions.

A Florida-based trucking company, one of the four companies highlighted in the article, installed the collision warning system on 1,682 tractors with plans to outfit the entire fleet of about 4,000.

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"Fleets report on accident and accident cost reductions," Inside ITS, 15 July 2001.

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System Cost

Average cost for CWS with forward-looking and side sensor: $2,500.

Adaptive cruise control: $350-$400 (extra).

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