In Florida, a limited-access tolled expressway featuring express electronic toll collection (ETC) lanes and open road tolling (ORT) cost $237 million.
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State Route 429, Orange County
United States

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In 2001, the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) implemented the first system designed with open road tolling (ORT) on State Route 429. The concept of ORT for the general design of this facility was to keep slower drivers on the right and express ETC to the left. ETC customers remain on the mainline highway and conventional payment customers, cash and ACM (Automatic Coin Machine), exit to the right and use a traditional plaza. Then these vehicles return to the mainline highway and must merge back into the main stream of traffic.

SR 429 is a 10.6-mile (17.06 Km), limited-access tolled expressway that was the first in the state of Florida to feature express electronic toll collection (ETC) lanes and ORT. The system cost was $237 million.

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$237 million

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