The cost to equip a transit vehicle with a camera vision-based collision avoidance system (CAS) in Miami-Dade was estimated at $8,900 per bus with an annual recurring cost of $240 per bus for supporting telematics services.

Florida DOT commissioned an assessment of the effectiveness of collision avoidance systems installed on-board transit buses operated by the Miami-Dade Public Works Department.

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Miami-Dade County
United States

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Florida DOT, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Public Works Department, conducted an assessment of a vision-based collision warning system for transit buses. The system installed on the buses included sensors and associated housings, and driver interface displays.

The system hardware cost $6,900 per bus. Installation costs were $2,000 per bus. The system also required a supporting telematics subscription with a recurring cost of $240 per bus per year.

Testing of a Vision-Based Pedestrian Collision Warning System on Transit Vehicles

Testing of a Vision-Based Pedestrian Collision Warning System on Transit Vehicles
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Hadi, Mohammed; Tao Wang; Atonu Islam; and Sohana Afreen
State of Florida DOT
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FDOT Report BDV29 TWO 943-07

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System Cost

Transit Vehicle CAS: $8,900 per bus with a recurring annual cost of $240 per bus.

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