The cost to design and develop an Archived Data User Services (ADUS) in Nevada was estimated at $4.225 million.
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The total cost of the Nevada DOT Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) central system software design and development is approximately $4.225 million. The software will provide a fully automated freeway management system, plus the capability to receive, collect, archive, summarize, and distribute data generated by FAST. Of the $4.225 million, the cost to develop the design for the implementation of the Archived Data User Service (ADUS) for FAST was approximately $225,000. This cost included needs assessment, update of functional requirements, update of the regional architecture for the Las Vegas area, and system design.

Cost Estimate for Nevada Archived Data User Service (ADUS)

Cost Estimate for Nevada Archived Data User Service (ADUS)
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ITS Joint Program Office, U.S. DOT

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System Cost

Software design and development cost: $4.225 million (2001) ADUS design cost: $225,000 (2001).

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