In Glasglow, Scotland, ITS evaluation reports show that ramp metering can improve freeway capacity by 5 to 13 percent.
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Telematics Applications Programme - Transport Areas' Results (4th Funding Programme)

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This report summarizes the evaluation results for many ITS projects implemented in Europe between 1994 and 1998. The report describes the benefits with few details of the implementations or the context of the results; however, it references many different projects by name, and evaluation reports for each can be found elsewhere on the Telematics Application Programme -Transport Sector web page (see source reference information contained in the Source box).


In the area of network and traffic management, the results of a ramp-metering trial (TABASCO project, in Glasgow Scotland) indicated that 59 percent of the drivers found ramp-metering very helpful or fairly helpful. The system had a positive impact on the capacity of the motorway (increase by 5 percent) and on the urban diversion routes (increase 13 percent), a decrease in capacity in the urban network (3 percent) and an overall positive impact on the total network (increase by 2 percent) for the afternoon peak (4-5 PM). In the case of an integrated approach, whereby the adjacent urban network is controlled with the IN TUC strategy and the VMS (Variable Message Sign) advice on alternative routes, these figures show a further improvement (increase in capacity of the urban diversion route of 6 percent).

Telematics Applications Programme - Transport Areas' Results (4th Funding Programme)

Telematics Applications Programme - Transport Areas' Results (4th Funding Programme)
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Cordis Transport Sector of the Telematics Applications Programme, 4th Framework Programme for RTD&D

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