In Washington state, the Mount St. Helens traveler information system was installed at a cost of $499,526.

A traveler information system that transmits road weather and traffic information wirelessly to the transportation management center.

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Washington SR 504
United States

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The Mount St. Helens Traveler Information System, deployed on Washington State Road 504, cost of $499,526.00. The equipment deployed included the following.

  • Road weather information services (RWIS) station on SR 504 at Bear Creek (milepost 35).
  • Highway advisory station (HAR) on I-5 at the junction of SR 504 in Castle Rock.
  • Closed circuit TV(CCTV) camera on SR 504 at the U.S. Forest Service Learning Center (milepost 33).
  • Variable message sign (VMS) on eastbound SR 504 at Milepost 0.75 (just off of I-5).
  • Wireless communications system to transmit the data to the Southwest Region Transportation Management Center (TMC).
  • No additional staff or funding was provided for operations or maintenance of this project.

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects
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Peter M. Briglia, Jr.

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System Cost

Traveler Information System with wireless communications system (RWIS, HAR, CCTV, VMS) - $499,526.00