An Integrated Safety and Security Enforcement System (ISSES) was installed on I-75 near London, Kentucky at a cost of $350,000. Subsequent installations in the State of Kentucky were $500,000.
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Integrated Safety and Security Enforcement Systems (ISSES) are designed to improve the efficiency of roadside screening of commercial trucks by providing actionable, real-time information to roadside inspectors and automatically identifying higher-risk trucks. The nation's first installation of an ISSES was at the weigh station on Interstate 75 in Laurel County near London, Kentucky in 2005. The I-75 ISSES was an integrated system that consisted of a radiation monitor, thermal inspection device, laser scanner and vehicle detector, license plate recognition system and a USDOT number reader. The first ISSES installment cost $350,000. Two subsequent ISSES installments in Kentucky cost $500,000 each. Follow-up maintenance, monitoring and trouble-shooting costs were $109,000 per year per installation.

System Cost

First Installation - $350,000 Subsequent Installations - $500,000 Yearly O&M - $109,000 per installation