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Spotlight on ITS for Roadway Safety

The U.S. DOT National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) outlines the Safe System Approach as the guiding paradigm to reduce serious injuries and deaths on our Nation’s highways, roads, and streets. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies can support these objectives and help in reaching the goal of zero roadway fatalities.

The Spotlight on ITS for Roadway Safety pages contain a variety of evaluation products by safety category to support informed decision-making. Explore the safety topics on the right to learn more about how ITS has been shown to improve safety.

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Home: Executive Briefings

2022 Executive Briefings

In the 20+ years that the ITS JPO has been tracking the evaluation of ITS technologies, there has been steady growth in the number of studies documenting the benefits, costs, and lessons learned of ITS. Every year, the ITS Evaluation program reflects on recent entries to the databases to assess changing topics and trends.

The annual Executive Briefings are developed to highlight the recent additions to the databases on these emerging ITS topics. They are presented in a concise, easily consumable format and can be viewed on a mobile device or tablet, or can be printed for quick reference on one or more topic areas.

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Home: Deployment Statistics

Deployment Statistics

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Deployment Tracking Survey (DTS) Data Repository contains a set of downloadable electronic files related to a series of ITS surveys conducted by the ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) since 1999. Surveys included in the repository are divided into three main categories: the 2019 Connected and Automated Vehicle (CV/AV Survey), ITS Deployment Tracking Surveys (1999 to 2020), and Special Topic Deployment Surveys.

For more information about the ITS DTS methodology and the files contained this Data Repository, please see the User's Guide.

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Home: Return on Investment (ROI) Guide

Return on Investment (ROI) Guide

The ROI Best Practice Guide provides step-by-step instructions for industry professionals to analyze ITS benefit and costs, leveraging the ITS Deployment Evaluation Databases. The Guide provides a high-level methodology that agencies can tailor for their own projects. Accompanying Example Use Cases demonstrate how the methodology can be applied for a range of ITS and TSMO strategies, including: Adaptive Traffic Signals, Curve Speed Warning, Managed Lanes, Smart Work Zone Technologies, and Transit Signal Priority.

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The ITS Deployment Evaluation Program presents summaries on the benefits, costs, deployment levels, and lessons learned for ITS deployment and operations.

Over 20 years of ITS evaluation studies, research syntheses, handbooks, journal articles, and conference papers tracking the effectiveness of deployed ITS.