Truck Collision Avoidance system estimated to cost between $2,500 and $4,000 per heavy truck.

Pricing for truck collision mitigation technology.

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According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, on average, two to three rear-end collisions involving heavy trucks occur somewhere in the U.S. every hour. In response to these types of accidents, a number of companies are developing a new generation of truck collision avoidance technology that is promising to significantly help reduce the prevalence of such accidents.

This Advanced-Collision Mitigation Technology is radar-based and features enhanced speed control, including automatic braking to help drivers keep a safe distance between vehicles and additional braking power when a forward collision is likely to happen. The system also delivers a series of alerts when a stationary metallic object such as a stopped or stalled car is in a truck's lane (however, the system will not detect non-metallic objects such as deer or people on the road). The alerts and collision warnings sound up to three seconds before impact regardless of whether the truck driver has speed control engaged.

The price range for a typical Truck Collision Avoidance system is reported to be between $2,500 and $4,000 per tractor.